Partai-partai oposisi mengecam SONA ‘rehashed’ Ramaphosa

Partai-partai oposisi mengecam SONA 'rehashed' Ramaphosa

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Cape Town – Partai politik mengecam Pidato Kenegaraan (SONA) Presiden Cyril Ramaphosa pada Kamis malam sebagai pengulangan pidato sebelumnya.

Pemimpin DA John Steenhuizen mengatakan bahwa Ramaphosa tetap menjadi “presiden penonton yang memandang dengan cemas”.

“Malam ini, kami perlu mendengar tentang kemajuan nyata tentang solusi nyata untuk tantangan nyata kami. Kami perlu mendengar langkah-langkah praktis yang diambil untuk meluncurkan vaksin, membuat ekonomi kami tumbuh, dan memulihkan akuntabilitas politik yang penting dalam demokrasi, “kata Steenhuizen

“Namun, Presiden Ramaphosa tetap menjadi presiden penonton yang memandang dengan cemas seolah-olah dia tidak memiliki hak pilihan pribadi untuk mengubah jalannya peristiwa tragis yang terjadi di negara kita tercinta.

Dia menggunakan kata-kata yang indah dan nada yang menenangkan untuk menawarkan janji kosong dan rencana yang tidak praktis.

Wakil presiden EFF Floyd Shivambu mengatakan kepada SABC: “Tidak ada hal baru yang secara fundamental dikatakan presiden. Semut itu termasuk kegilaan karena kegilaan melakukan hal yang sama berulang kali tetapi mengharapkan hasil yang berbeda. ”

IFP MP and chairperson of Parliament’s Standing Committee on Public Accounts (Scopa) Mkhuleko Hlengwa said that it lacked specifics, was generic and was a box-ticking exercise.

“He wants to establish a water engine when he’s got a water board and a Department of Water and Sanitation. All these entities that he’s creating are by and large an ambition of state machinery or governance that is failing and now having to patch it up with all sorts of other machinations.

“It doesn’t bode well for stability and also the cost that is involved in setting up these things is certainly going to drive the public wage bill up and the speech has not demonstrated a capacity to actually to manage SOEs,” Hlengwa said.

He said Ramaphosa had not mentioned the flailing national carrier South African Airways (SAA) which remains a fundamental issue to be dealt with.

Pieter Groenewald, Freedom Front Plus leader, said that Ramaphosa was living in a dream world by talking of smart cities and that the president had lost touch with people at ground level who are unemployed.

“He referred to the rebuilding of the economy but he really didn’t say anything new. It is still the same story, I wonder how many times he has used the word ’must be done’, yes we agree many things must be done but we don’t see the results,” Groenewald said.

He said that although the establishment of an anti-corruption body was a bit late it still remained a step in the right direction.

“He should have done that a long time ago, it’s not the first time we are looking at this whole issue of looting and stealing of taxpayers’ money,” Groenewald added.

ACDP leader Reverend Kenneth Meshoe said that except for Ramaphosa’s pronouncements on Covid-19 the entire speech was a repeat of previous SONAs he had delivered.

“He raised the concern about corruption but no plan about how they are going to deal with it this year that would be different from what they did in other years. At the Zondo Commission Brian Molefe said the president is also corrupt and we expected him to say ‘even though I’ve been implicated, I have not done anything wrong and I’m willing to also appear before the commission’ but he said nothing about that,” Meshoe said.

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